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A Guide to Calligraphy Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery Cover Photo

As I talk about in my book Calligraphy Styling, there are a myriad of ways to use calligraphy, and wedding stationery are the perfect occasion to experiment. Taking calligraphy beyond the invitations to various decorative and practical elements creates an exquisite and unified look for the whole celebration. I’ve listed some ideas below to start with, but the possibilities are endless!


Customarily for seated wedding parties, menu cards can be placed on top of the charger plates. This is a charming item that lets guests anticipate the delicious dishes ahead.

Wedding Stationery - Menu Example

Escort cards

Hand out escort cards are to your wedding guests to make it easier for them to find their designated tables.

Wedding Stationery - Escort Card Example

Place Cards

If the bride and groom have arranged individual seating, use place cards bearing the names of their guests to indicate their exact seats for the party. Have fun and create distinct place markers from materials like collected sea shells, leaves or other objects that suits your wedding theme.

Wedding Stationery - Place Card Example

Table Number Cards

Table numbers can be used as decorative element to mark the table number and help guests spot their allocated tables quickly.

Wedding Stationery - Table Number

Welcome Note

A welcome gift accompanied by a personal note from the bride and groom adds a special touch for destination weddings.

Wedding Stationery - Welcome Note Example

Wedding Vow Keepsake Card

Handwritten calligraphy wedding vows will no doubt be one of the most exceptional keepsakes and it can be placed inside the wedding photo album.

Holy Matrimony Book Cover

Many holy matrimony book covers are stock standard, so why not make yours stand out with some beautiful calligraphy on the cover?

Wedding Stationery - Holy Matrimony Book Cover

Thank You Cards

A handwritten thank you card to embellish your wedding party favors or as a simple note of appreciation to your guests for joining the celebrations can be included as part of the wedding stationery.

Travel Guide Book

Another one for destination weddings that your guests will appreciate! This can be a list of interesting sights to visit around the area, or a list of places they can grab some bites to eat. Some of your guests may be visiting the wedding destination for the very first time, so they will be glad for a travel guide book that has been curated by the bride and groom.

For a rundown on what you should have in your wedding invitations, see my previous post on wedding invitation suites here.

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