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Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation

What needs to go on my wedding invitation? Do I need an RSVP card? These are some questions that may have crossed your mind while putting together your wedding invitation. The look of your wedding invitation help set the tone for your ceremony. Conversely, carefully selecting the components of your wedding invitation will make sure that your guests receive all the necessary details about your wedding.

If you are hosting your wedding locally, you may need only a basic set comprised of a main wedding invitation, the outer envelope, and a VIP table card for particular guests. On the other hand, destination weddings are a tad more complex and you will need to provide more information such as itinerary details and RSVP cards. No matter which combination of items you choose, it is highly recommended to use a single style of calligraphy rather than a mixture. This will create the most elegant and consistent look across all of your wedding stationery.

I’ve put together a handy guide for you to understand the purpose of each wedding suite piece below:

Main Invite

The main invite should include all the essential details about your wedding – names of the bride and groom, parents’ names, the date of the big day and the wedding venue.

Outer Envelope

The outer envelope will encase your invitation pieces and bear the guests’ name(s) and address.


RSVP cards are particularly important for destination weddings, as they are a good way to let your guests know how to contact you to RSVP.

Return Envelope

A return envelope can be pre-addressed for guests to post the RSVP card back to you.

Details Card

Your guests may need to know the dress code, event rundown or other information about the wedding. You can include these on a details card.

Accommodation and Transport Card

Especially relevant for destination weddings, have an accommodation and transport information card to provide details about suggested or complimentary accommodation for your guests. Shuttle or arranged transportation information can also be included in this card.

VIP Table Card

For most Indonesian ballroom weddings, the VIP area is usually reserved for families and honored guests. Sending out a VIP table card to these guests will let them know where they will sit for the reception.

Extra tip: When working with a wedding invitation designer, it’s important to help your designer understand your ideas and vision for your wedding invitation, try using services such as Pinterest to build an inspiration or mood board.

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