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Choosing Calligraphy for your Wedding Invitations

Calligraphy on Wedding Invitations

The beauty of handwritten calligraphy is that each and every stroke is unique and carries its own character. While there are many calligraphy style typefaces available, they have been created so that all the letters are perfectly uniform. I really love the personal touch and charm that calligraphy gives to a wedding invitation design. Graceful calligraphy wedding stationery will not only become treasured keepsakes for the bride and groom, but also their dearest guests for years to come.

From rustic to modern weddings, calligraphy adds elegance to any wedding invitation and suits most wedding themes. It will depend on the bride and groom what kind of look they are after. Classic serif or sans serif typefaces will be best suited to clean, crisp minimalist weddings, while brides and grooms seeking an organic look that packs in a lot of personality will appreciate the individual touch of handwritten calligraphy.

Examples of wedding invitation suites with calligraphy

The style of calligraphy itself carries different characteristics. Modern calligraphy scripts are a popular choice with its fluid strokes, giving the written words more room to breathe. The modern script celebrates beauty in its abstract rhythm and imperfections, giving a lively tone to the overall design. On the other hand, classic calligraphy scripts such as Copperplate and Spencerian create a highly elegant and regal look. Brides and grooms should select the style of script that suits the character of invitations they are most drawn to.

You have many ways to feature calligraphy in your wedding stationery. From reserving calligraphy only for the bride and groom’s names or the titles and headings, to creating the entire invitation suite in calligraphy, you have the flexibility to tailor the invitation as you wish. To make your wedding stationery truly one-of-a-kind, calligraphy can also be used on pieces beyond the main invitation. Anything from the wedding menu, place cards, addresses on the envelopes and even ribbons on the bouquet can be adorned with beautiful script.

Calligraphy table numbersPhoto courtesy of Erich McVey

Menu and Placecard using capisPhoto courtesy of Studio June (L), Dimitri Events (R)

Other wedding items with calligraphyPhoto courtesy of Erich McVey

Scroll through this gallery to get you started on some inspiration for your own personalized wedding stationery!

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