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Calligraphy Styling: Behind The Scenes

Calligraphy Styling - Behing the scene Studio June Photo Session

The 6 hectic months from initial planning to the final print of Calligraphy Styling was one of the craziest timelines I’ve ever experienced. Ideas were gathered in August, and by mid September, the publisher, Shufunotomo, agreed to publish the book.

We began pagination and creating pieces for the book at the end of the same month, in time for the first photoshoot in Jakarta in mid October. That means we had less than a month to plan and prepare all of the content!

From simple projects such as using leftover pieces of paper to create message scrolls, to vintage labels and embossing powder applications, the pieces in Calligraphy Styling showcase calligraphy in different mediums for a variety of occasions. In breaking down all the necessary preparation for approximately 70 new calligraphy works, I had to split my thoughts into so many little compartments. Everything was curated right down to every tiny detail – countless props big and small were gathered to style set ups with different moods unique to each project. On top of a tight photoshoot schedule, we were also working exclusively with film photography for the projects shot in Jakarta. We did our best in working with the natural light and making sure we captured all of the items before sundown.

Calligraphy Styling photoshoot at Studio Bouquet, Chiba

My favourite chapters, “Styling with Flowers and Antiques” and “Small Gathering and Entertaining”, were shot the following month in Japan. I was absolutely delighted to collaborate with the masterful Junji Noritake of Flower Noritake – Nagoya for the flowers chapter. Separately, friends who are also fellow artists and creatives travelled all the way from Kyoto & Osaka to Tokyo to help put together a small gathering that was shot for the gathering chapter. It was so lovely to see beautiful things from many talented hands combed together into a single setting at from afar 倉庫01, a lovely cafe in the Kuramae neighborhood.

Flower Noritake Collaboration

Gathering at from Afar

When all the photoshoots had wrapped up, it was time for the book layout and copywriting. I worked through December and January with Ryo Yoshimura and Kaho Magara of Yoshi-des Design Studio in Tokyo for the book layout and writing, before a final all-round check at the beginning of February. After some rigorous proofreading and color proofing, the book was rolling off the printers by mid-February, and was ready for sale in Japan on March 10!

You can preview some of the projects on Google Books

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