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Choosing The Right Wedding Invitation Designer

Design process by doing moodboards

When you have a seemingly endless list of things to organize for your wedding, choosing the right wedding invitation designer will make a world of difference. The right designer for you will be able to create enticing invitations tailored to fit your wedding theme, while being a breeze to work with.

Although unusual concepts can be great, you will be best off trusting a designer whose usual style is closest to the design or color palette you are after. Therefore, if you like daintier designs, don’t go for a designer whose portfolio mostly consists of bold, loud graphics.

Your designer will give you a realistic timeline of the design process to make sure you are comfortable with the schedule before going ahead. Quality custom handmade designs take time, so be prepared to allow 4-6 weeks for the design process. The total length of time will depend greatly on feedback and revisions, with printing taking about another 3 weeks. Thus, it is highly recommended that you begin engaging with your designer approximately 3-4 months before the big day.

If you haven’t decided on a wedding theme yet, try gathering plenty of images that you like from Pinterest, Instagram or wedding blogs. Alternatively, your designer may present you with a moodboard of styles and concept directions to choose from. Once you have decided on a concept, only design elements such as typography, patterns and layout within the perimeter of the chosen concept will be revisable.

Last but not least, good communication is crucial to a pleasant working experience with your designer. Express clearly what you want and always trust them to create something beautiful for you. Before the first meeting, it’s best to come prepared with a clear rundown of your wedding event and all other relevant information that you would like to include. Use the checklist below to help streamline your invitation design process!

The Wedding Invitation Checklist

Main Invitation
The bride and groom’s full names
Parent’s names, if using

Initials to be used for your monogram


Name of venue
Address of venue
Directions/How to get there

Date, day and start/end times of your wedding ceremony and reception

Additional words

Favorite quote or religious verse, if you wish to include this

Outer Envelope
Names of guests, provided in an Excel spreadsheet
Recipient addresses, provided in an Excel spreadsheet (if addresses will be handwritten)


Provide the address and if it’s available, a reference standard map image of the venue

RSVP cards and Return Envelope
RSVP date
Wording for RSVP
How to RSVP – where should your guests reach you to let you know of their attendance?

Details/Enclosure Cards
Event rundown – specify the time and venue of events such as holy matrimony, tea ceremony, dinner reception, cocktails, after party
Any dress codes or wedding gift options that guests should know about
Other detailed information

Accommodation and Transport Card
Name and full address of accommodation (if complimentary lodging is provided)
List suggestions of accommodation (if complimentary lodging is not provided)
List of available transport options for guests

You should submit all wording exactly as you would like it to appear. Hence, you should consider things like the format of the names (for example, if you would like to use just the first names on the main invitation). Talk about these finer details with your invitation designer during the design consultation session for the best outcome.

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